By: Diana Tsai

As a digital mentorship platform where mentor-mentee conversations take place over the phone, think of your first call with each mentee as a chemistry match. With strong chemistry matches, you and your mentee may decide to continue building the relationship, perhaps off-line, or it might be easier to just continue scheduling via Veterati. Or, your mentorship session is more an informational interview where the mentee is trying to get specific questions answered. 1 conversation might already make a big difference to your mentee, and you might not need to build the relationship forward. It is ultimately up to you and your mentee.

William Lu, Navy Veteran with 27 Veterati mentors, shared the following after he landed his job: “I will be forever grateful to all my mentors for their time, advice and support. Through my mentors I have received LinkedIn advice, resume revisions, networking opportunities, interview prep, elevator pitch formatting, additional transition classes, reading materials, introductions to industry professionals and motivation to keep pushing. I do not know where I would be right now without all their help. I look forward to paying it forward to future transitioning veterans. Thank you so much!”  This gives some context into the incredible value you, as a mentor, bring to the service members and spouses seeking your advice. You can read more mentees’ stories here.


Thanks so much for becoming a mentor for Veterans & Military Spouses! You are wonderful and deeply valued & appreciated.

Author - Diana Tsai

I may not have all the answers to transition & job search but I'm 90%-certain I can connect you to the right mentors on our platform who do!!