By: Shanna Helf

FOCUS IN. Your vibe attracts your tribe! Drive the energy of the conversation by being fully present during the call. You may wish to take notes, but make sure your attention is fully on your Squad member so you respect their time—and don’t miss any key insights!

BE PREPARED. Get ready for your call by reading your Squad member’s profile and preparing some questions ahead of time. What made you choose this Squad member? What do you find interesting about this person’s experiences, skills, or background? What questions are top-of-mind for you at this point in your life, that your Squad member might be able to answer? 

SET A PURPOSE. Be up front with what you need, intentional with your goals, and honest with your Squad member. What are you hoping to learn or take away from the call? Express that goal in the first 5 minutes of your conversation.

GIVE THANKS. All MilSpouse Squad members are volunteers, motivated by knowing they could make a difference in your life—and they’ll only know they’ve met their goal if you let them know! After the call completes, you’ll receive a text message with your Squad member’s email address to follow up with a thank you.

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SAP Ariba: Director, Cloud Transformation Acceleration Programs

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