By: Diana Tsai

(1) BE A QUESTION MASTER. Drive the energy of the conversation by researching your mentor and preparing questions ahead of time. Why did you choose your mentor? What do you find interesting about your mentor’s professional background? What questions are top-of-mind for you that your mentor might have an answer to?


(2) SET A PURPOSE. What knowledge would you like to acquire? Express your goal in the first 5 minutes of your conversation.


(3) GIVE THANKS. All our mentors are volunteers, their only reward is knowing they’ve made a difference, and they’ll only know they’ve done this if you let them know. After the call completes, you’ll receive a text message with your mentor’s email address to follow up.


BONUS. Want more? This article gives you 18 tips on building strong networks and mentor relationships.

Author - Diana Tsai

I may not have all the answers to transition & job search but I'm 90%-certain I can connect you to the right mentors on our platform who do!!

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