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Lucas DeLoss - Army

29 Mentor(s)

Veterati and all the mentors that I talked built upon my knowledge, skills, and desire to provide a roof and food on the table for my family. I don’t think I could have found this great job without the great group of folks that provide me insight. I am truly thankful for all the help. I would like to know become a mentor and pay it forward with the 8 months of Mentor training that I have had.


Mario Fernandez - Nabu

3 Mentor(s)

My mentors helped me set up a solid plan to ensure I was prepared for life after the military.  They helped with with brushing up my interviewing skills, provided excellent feedback with my resume, as well as sharing their stories.  They all listened and were patient with all my questions.  Finally, I received some excellent advice on salary negotiation and how to look at the big picture (it’s not all about the annual salary.)  I am now happy to say that I have found what I think will be a great job that compensates me very well… all while working from home!  Thank you Diane, William, and Scott!!!


Russell Ahrens - Air Force

3 Mentor(s)

I had the privilege of connecting with 2 mentors.  One mentor has been in the corporate world for a while and gave me the best feedback on my resume that I have gotten; very specific and detailed corrections to enhance my resume.  The other has recently separated with a fairly similar background and he talked with me about the actual transition period and some of the challenges that he has faced early on in his transition.


John Martinez - Army

1 Mentor(s)

I was pleased to speak to the mentors, it allowed me the ability to truly assess my goals and line them up with my abilities. I was beginning to doubt myself in regards to my capabilities, was I lacking to much real world experience? Did I have enough education, experience to land a role I wanted and knew I could perform at? By speaking to the mentors, I was able to reassure myself and gain great feedback from them. My mentors assured me that I knew my field and was even told to stop selling myself short, I had a lot to bring to the table. This gave me a boost of confidence and with that I landed a great job in my field. I thank you and I hope that one day I will be able to be a mentor and provide my services, experience and support to other mentees.


Scott Byers - Army

18 Mentor(s)

My various Veterati mentors helped me along my transition path on multiple levels to include: practical professional/personal branding advice, resume reviews, interview tips, networking strategies, as well as relevant, candid transition feedback.  As an added bonus they provided excellent encouragement, transition goals, moral support, and a true concern for my future successes.  Thanks to all!


Emilien Davis - Navy

4 Mentor(s)

There was a recurring theme of communication: what to say, how to say it, and who to say it to. The actionable points led to a stronger personal brand and an approach that made the difference when trying to discover opportunities.


Aaron Cottle - Navy

2 Mentor(s)

I successfully transitioned into civilian life two years ago and have been 100% comfortable in my college environment. I got married and moved to an entirely new state for my wife’s job. I’ll be graduating with a Bachelors in Business Administration this Spring and am facing a difficult career decision. A buddy referred me to Veterati. I took advantage and signed up with three mentors immediately. After just the initial phone calls with two of these mentors, the outside perspective from these highly experienced individuals has made this choice easier than I ever thought possible. I’m referring all my veteran friends to Veterati. It is, in my opinion, the most valuable and easily accessible program out there for vets.

22 Jan 2018

Israel Santiago Moreno

7 Mentor(s)

Veterati is different from other programs in the sense that there is no long term commitment except a 30 minute phone call with a mentor. Those 30 minutes changed my life and helped me in my transition.



Nomi Russi

5 Mentor(s)

After retiring from the US Air Force, I had a lucrative career in sales but it left my soul unfulfilled. I decided I wanted to become a recruiter and help veterans but it was a rougher-than-expected transition. That is when I believe I truly made the transition most make when they initially leave the service. Veterati connected me to many mentors who openly and gladly shared with me their stories, tips, ideas and enthusiasm and continued to cheer me on at times when I thought the road looked a bit bleak. Veterati is a wonderful group of mentors who genuinely care about people and are part of this group because they WANT to be there to support you. What a gift!


Cameron Baker

Veterati is the best mentor network in the world. The tech makes connecting seamless and every mentor I’ve engaged with has gone above and beyond. The progress of my startup over the past few months is a direct result of the Veterati tribe.



James Myers

4 Mentor(s)

Veterati kept me going after I’d been knocked down a few times. From Veterati mentors, I learned how to network when I didn’tknow anybody. I learned how to directly and succinctly address my military service in civilian terminology. Through job interviews made possible by Veterati mentors, I was able to polish my interview skills.



Paul Bartel

3 Mentor(s)

In sum, I can say that my calls with Veterati mentors, and a few mentors in particular, helped me in cultivating my brand, negotiating a salary, creating stories for my interviews, and just keeping my head up through the process. Without a doubt, they’re insight was far more helpful than anything I’d received from my school’s career center or recruiters. As I develop my own career, I look forward to eventually becoming a mentor myself to assist other veterans in tackling the tough transition out of the military as well as the equally difficult transition into the workplace after using one’s GI bill benefits in college.


Terence Bennett

13 Mentor(s)

The practice and insight I gained from Veterati conversations helped me build confidence and shape my personal narrative. Each conversation I had was an opportunity to tell my story, get feedback, and learn how people (mentors) related to my experience. This feedback caused me to adapt what parts of my story I told in conversation and ultimately made me a better interviewer. By the time I had my Google interviews, I was confident about how my skills and experience were an asset to any company. I think this showed during the interview and helped me get the job. Thank you all for your time, insight, and empathy along the way!


Justine Evirs

8 Mentor(s)

This year has been quite the transition for me. I have gone from a dedicated career to veteran services within the higher education system to now the servicing our community in the entrepreneur space as well. I not only have just accepted a new position but my mentors have given me the tools and inspiration to start my own non-profit. Thank you Veterati, you guys are the BEST!!!!


Patrick Dunphy

3 Mentor(s)

I attribute a lot of my success to Brent Mague and Craig Kormannshaus. Both helped me craft my story succinctly in interview prep and took me from sub-par interviewing to a highly sought candidate. The opportunity to interview for Motus fell into my lap and their prep helped me achieve the job offer I was hoping for. Brent especially helped with wide open availability and consistent interview prep and feedback. Thanks Veterati for this platform and the connection to folks like Brent and Craig.


Chad Christman

17 Mentor(s)

The advice that I received from all my mentors was invaluable thoughtout my transition. It allowed me to get a real feel for a broad range of opportunities in the private sector. I hope to pay that mentorship forward in the coming years. For now, I am a month into my USAA transition – busy learning the nuances of organization, culture and insurance industry.


Eddie Lazzari

1 Mentor(s)

Speaking with a variety of mentors all from different backgrounds, experience levels, and actual real world application has been a huge factor in my success to obtain a new career opportunity! I start my new job July 10th as a Procurement Strategist for Coca-Cola Northern New England.


Wiliam Lu - Navy

27 Mentor(s)

I will be forever grateful to all my mentors for their time, advice and support. Through my mentors I have received LinkedIn advice, resume revisions, networking opportunities, interview prep, elevator pitch formatting, additional transition classes, reading materials, introductions to industry professionals and motivation to keep pushing. I do not know where I would be right now without all their help. I look forward to paying it forward to future transitioning veterans. Thank you so much!


William Karstens - Navy

3 Mentor(s)

I had two mentors who help me become aquatinted with the job field I was interested in, as well as gain different perspectives on interviews and resumes in general. It may sound cliché, but the 1 hour parameter actually helps focus the conversation, helps lay even the expectations and helps receive better mentorship. The longer you’re in the military, the more you become a detached from how to understand civilian structure and thought. Both of my mentors helped me gain that insight to quickly assimilate into the work force. I was able to find a great job, hired before my actual retirement date. Veterati seems overly simple with “1 hour” conversations that are hosted to a schedule. However, that focused time frame of one hour was more beneficial that several long term, self sourced, one on one mentorships I had attempted on my own. In a simple word: invaluable.


William Heffernan - Navy

3 Mentor(s)

Veterati helped me by giving me insight on interviews and helping me formulate my Military experience into civilian terminology. It was VITAL to my success that I was able to intelligently express my experience in civilian terms and show just what I had to offer. I can’t thank Veterati and my Mentors enough!


Robert White - Army

1 Mentor(s)

Veterati continually provided me with a superb selection of available mentors with the resident knowledge needed to assist me in my transition.


Rich Campbell

5 Mentor(s)

It was through Veterati and my Veterati mentors that I was able to transform my resume, hone my interview skills, come to a realization of what I had to offer an employer, and be prepared to handle some of the toughest interview questions. One of my mentors referred me into his company, offered advice, and stayed in my corner throughout the process. The others offered referrals and coached me. What a great network! I can’t wait to join the mentor team and begin paying it forward!


Jeffrey Rosales - Marine Corps

5 Mentor(s)

All of my mentors are fantastic professionals and most important of all, amazing people! I could hear the goodness and passion in their voices. Every single one of them gave me advice on how navigate the job market and how to communicate the value that I can add to any company. I am thankful for them and this amazing platform that I will continue to use because one can never get enough advice.


Graciela Tena de Lara - Military Spouse

6 Mentor(s)

I love Veterati! Highly recommend it. Positive encouragement from my mentor gave me confidence. Can’t thank her enough.



Eli Jones

1 Mentor(s)

Veterati has been an invaluable tool in my transition as it has provided access to willing mentors that are truly eager to help. The information that mentors such as Michael King, contributed to strengthening my resume, my interview skills, and even negotiation of my job offer. Specifically, Michael has a way of provoking thought and through assigning me homework, gave me greater insight into various aspects in my journey through this transition. I continue to reach out to other service members so that they may have the opportunity that Veterati mentorship and specifically Michael King, has provided me. I have made relationships that I will value throughout my life!


Chris Cole

6 Mentor(s)

My mentors provided great feedback on if I’m on the right path and areas where I could explore more effectively in transitioning. This information narrowed down the specifics on all the variables needed find a path to a new career. This service was essential to my success and I will recommend these services to other transitioning veterans.


DJuan Wilcher - Navy

27 Mentor(s)

The key thing Veterati allowed me to do was give me several opportunities to tell and craft my story. In so doing, I’ve learned how to network effectively and efficiently. There is also a wide spectrum of careers represented and transitioning veterans don’t know what they don’t know. Perfect place to gain some knowledge.


Andrew Hoffman - Marine Corps

7 Mentor(s)

I was absolutely naive when it came to finding the right network to find a job. I figured my degree and 8 years of service had me locked to get a job wherever I wanted to go. Veterati provided the help and assistance I needed to actually build a network. While I found my job through a different venue it was through the network that I built within Veterat that put me in this position. The time and care each Mentor gave me was incredible. Now I am able to turn right back around and help other veterans.


Susie Youd - Military Spouse

6 Mentor(s)

As a military spouse, my biggest challenge is finding ways to maintain my career while I support my husband in his Air Force service. Moving from New York City to San Antonio made it difficult for me to find a job that really fit what I was looking for. I’m so grateful for Veterati and the opportunity it gave me to connect with mentors across the country. Many sympathized with my challenge, having spouses who faced similar situations. It was great to feel heard and validated, and even better to connect with people who really cared. Aside from the fantastic advice, tips, and tricks given, I had multiple mentors who stuck with me through the months of searching–they would check in periodically and even send me job postings they thought I might like. When I found a position with a company I really wanted to work for, it was ultimately the advice of a few mentors that made me stick out from the crowd and land the job. Veterati is absolutely amazing and made all the difference in my search. When I was feeling drained, discouraged, and downtrodden, it was Veterati that gave me a new hope and a new path to travel.


Nicholas Hiatt - Navy

6 Mentor(s)

My search began 6-7 months ago when I began peppering companies with my resume online. After posting over 500 resumes to websites and having very few returns, I found an article that mentioned Veterati in the comments on LinkedIn. I was down on myself and realized that I not only needed help, but the situation was getting dire. In one month my household would have 0 income, we only had about 3 months of pay saved up and military doctors had just told us that my son would require surgery to prevent loss of sight and/or blindness. While signing up, Daniel Rau (co-founder of Veterati) spoke with me directly, listened to my story and took action. He set me up with high powered mentors and recruiters. We worked on everything! My job search was narrowed down to a specific region, we identified exactly what I wanted to do instead of a vague idea, tailored my resume to fit my goals, connected with recruiters, learned to network properly, revamped my LinkedIn profile and much much more all within the span of two weeks. I thought I had put a lot of work into my job search previously, but my mentors showed me the missteps I had taken and I devoured their knowledge and enthusiasm as if I were on an island alone and starving. I no longer felt alone in my search, had a new path, set new goals and dove in head first. They never did the work for me, but their guidance was priceless. I can’t thank Daniel, Veterati and especially my mentors enough for their help and support. After being offered a position, I still have interviews to attend and offers to consider. The mentors and I have already planned to stay in touch to continue working on career goals and the future! Your life, career and mentorship doesn’t stop once you have a position. I can already see that Veterati makes life long connections.


David Bowden - Army

10 Mentor(s)

Today I was offered a position at my dream company, incredible benefits package, and stock options in the company! I got this position in large part due to Veterati. Me and my family could never thank all my mentors enough. Veterati is EXACTLY what veterans need to take the jump, not only to the next level, but several levels further than we are aiming for!


Lee Mark Poitier - Air Force Security Forces

2 Mentor(s)

I have been working with a mentor that I met thru Veterati and I wanted to pass along a success story. The weekend prior to the interview I was really anxious and worried as far as going in and interviewing but I reached out to a mentor whom I met via Veterati and he put all of my worries at ease by coaching me as to how to effectively answer interview questions and what to brush up on and follow on tips after the interview. Subsequent to say, I got the phone call Thursday of the same week that I got the role and I just wanted to say thank you for creating the platform that connects veterans with mentors. If it wasn’t for you creating this service, my nerves would have gotten the best of me and I would probably not have passed with the results that I wanted.


Matthew Cournoyer - Army

8 Mentor(s)

I love the service you have created in Veterati. The mentors I have spoken with have made a huge impact in preparing me for my transition out of the Army. I look forward to continually working with Veterati.


David Uslan - AF OSI

1 Mentor(s)

I cannot thank you enough for starting this amazing service. I am a transitioning veteran and can speak from direct experience that Veterati is an amazing service. I have 20+ years experience and thought I had a solid game plan until I spoke with my mentor. He took what I had to another level and reshaped my approach to how I research opportunities and build my network. My mentor has truly been wonderful as I’ve drilled down and applied for positions. He’s actually coming to my retirement ceremony in Dayton. Right now I am at the cusp of getting hired with Edward Jones as a financial advisor which is exactly what I want.


Michael Tran - Marine Corps

1 Mentor(s)

Veterati is a safe space for veterans. The mentors are not critical and have absolute understanding of your situation because of their past experience. The ability to share their transition and talk about their failure and success really help me understand the job searching process.


Byron Chen - Marine Corp MP Officer

20 Mentor(s)

My mentors supported me throughout the transition process. I got great advice in several areas: -Figuring out my next career step. -Marketing myself to employers. -Refining my personal brand and stories. -Working through interview questions. -Job opportunity connections. -Negotiating the salary. My Veterati mentors were essential to my success!


Arthur Veress, MBA - Army Special Forces

10 Mentor(s)

The mentor network at Veterati was an invaluable resource during my transition period. From feedback on my resume to interview preparation, the advice of mentors was a must-have. My heartfelt thanks to the Veterati team and to the mentors who so graciously volunteer their time to help.