By: Diana Tsai

Before the Internet, we had Tribes.

Tribes were how we survived: strong social bonds, knowledge-sharing, taking care of each other. The Internet has made us more “connected” than ever, but actually, our connections with each other have weakened. We’ve gone from my neighbor having my kids over for lunch when I’m out on errands to browsing what my neighbor’s making for dinner on facebook feeds. We’ve gone from a village coming together to help a tribe member down-on-luck find a job through collective networks and advice, to one person, sitting at a computer, alone, sending out hundreds of job applications hoping one human being might respond.Our tribal bonds are weaker than ever.   Veterati is activating one of history’s most powerful tribes: the United States military, and the 94% of Americans who support our military, to solve the greatest crisis of opportunity for 1.5m Veterans and 5.5m military spouses today: finding a job.


When we approached this crisis, we didn’t think about it traditionally. Our big insight was that 80% of jobs don’t come through job boards, they come through the people who believe in you: your Tribe. So we asked a completely different question. “How do we connect Veterans to the people who believe in them? To the Tribe that will mentor, sponsor, and champion them to success after they come home from the battlefield?”


Enter Veterati: A digital mentoring platform that empowers Veterans and military spouses to book direct phone-calls with members of the MILITARY-PASSIONATE TRIBE (Veterans, military-passionate civilians, and employers who want to hire Veterans). Through these conversations, mentors level-up Veteran talent to become focused, confident, and interview-ready candidates– ready to land the jobs of their dreams.


Welcome to the Veterati Tribe.

Author - Diana Tsai

I may not have all the answers to transition & job search but I'm 90%-certain I can connect you to the right mentors on our platform who do!!