By: Stephen Quesinberry

Veterans! I’d like to introduce you to a new program designed specifically as an entryway into technology sales. Tech Qualled is an innovative program that places veterans in the technology industry. Fueled by a passion for the tech industry and assisting transitioning military members, the four co-founders of this organization have created a unique job placement platform that trains and places vets into high tech sales. In this article, I’m going to review the program and explain why it could be a great fit for your transition.


Why Tech Qualled?

The four co-founders, Jim Sherriff, Karen Sherriff, Nick Breedlove, and Justin Ossola, are an extremely talented group of individuals. Each of them have backgrounds in sales technology with a combined 50 years of experience in the industry.  Nick and Justin both served as military officers after commissioning from the U.S Naval Academy. Tech Qualled understands the hardships of a military transition and is committed to bringing value to vets through its program. The industry needs the leadership skills possessed by military veterans. Tech Qualled aims to connect veterans with the right opportunity after a comprehensive training program.


Tech Qualled is creating tremendous value for the veteran by training a candidate for 10 weeks. The first eight weeks of virtual training provides extraordinary insights into the sales process coupled with an excellent orientation to the technology landscape. That is followed up by two weeks of in-person training with experienced leaders and Fortune 100 executives.  Best of all, this entire program is completely free of charge to veterans.



Launchpad Sales Academy

Tech Qualled currently has two programs offered, the Launchpad Sales Academy and Launchpad PLUS Program. The Launchpad Sales Academy is specifically for technology sales. It’s a ten week program that is split into eight weeks of virtual training and two weeks of onsite training. During the virtual training you will learn the basics of technology topics such as: cloud computing, network security, and data center solutions. In addition, a candidate will learn selling techniques such as sales processes, needs discovery, and objection handling. After the virtual training has been completed, candidates will travel to Fort Worth, TX where they will spend the next two weeks continuing to learn and sharpen skills critical to a career in tech sales.  For more information on the Sales Academy visit or [email protected]



Launchpad PLUS Progam

This program is a 6 week virtual training geared towards teaching tech and sales but with placement in sales consulting, project management, inside sales, and customer success roles. For more information on the PLUS Program visit or email the team [email protected]



Translating your Military Skills into the Tech Space

As humans, there’s a natural tendency for many of us to shy away from the notion of sales. The word can often bring along an underlying of negative stigmas and amplifies the insecurities of rejection. However, one aspect that is often overlooked with sales is the ability to significantly control one’s outcomes. Many veterans want more autonomy in their work environment, yet are unsure which type of careers offer it. Sales may be the answer for veterans with that entrepreneurial spirit.


I implore each of you to evaluate your strengths, weaknesses, desires, and potential careers. I’d be willing to bet there are many veterans that would be extremely proficient at a career in sales that may need that extra nudge. Use this page to assess whether tech sales is a good fit for you. For more information on Tech Qualled visit their website at, email [email protected], or like them on Facebook


Author - Stephen Quesinberry

Stephen Quesinberry is the Co-Editor in Chief of the Veterati Transition Center. Former U.S Army Artillery Officer with three years’ active duty experience, and MBA/BBA in Business/Finance. Stephen is currently in the very first CoreLogic Leader Development program cohort. For more on Stephen schedule a call on Veterati or reach out via LinkedIn!