By: Diana Tsai

  1. Who are your mentors? How did you meet them?
  2. I am attempting to accomplish x, but I have not yet achieved it. What am I doing wrong / what am I doing right?
  3. What are you most proud of professionally / personally?
  4. What is have been your greatest inspirations and what is currently inspiring you onward?
  5. Knowing what you know now, Would you do anything differently in your career?
  6. Given our discussion, Who else would you recommend I connect with?
  7. In the future, could I reach out to you for advice, guidance?
  8. Humbly, is there any way great or small I could be of assistance to you on your end?
  9. Would love to hear about some of the disasters you ran into during your career and how you navigated them.
  10. What was the biggest mistake you made? What did you do to recover?


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Author - Diana Tsai

I may not have all the answers to transition & job search but I'm 90%-certain I can connect you to the right mentors on our platform who do!!

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